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A small news

March 14, 2012 1 comment

In past days (maybe months) i started propgramming websites.

I wrote three websites in PHP and now one in Python using Flask microframework.

For now i only think about Web programming i got some skill.

My Ranking site writen in Python using Flask


Ah and small update from Linux i use ArchLinux now and dont want any changes 😀 i loved it.

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CSM Simple way to run commands

April 23, 2011 Leave a comment

I wrote application to simple execute a commands in linux.

All commands are stored in plain text in you home dir.



You can download Command Shortcuts Manager from here


Installation is simple and easy, all whats we need to install csm is extract archive and run

cd CommandShortcutsManager

sudo python

Done 🙂 Now we can run it by executing csm command.

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Command shortcuts manager

November 27, 2010 Leave a comment

This is a tool for creating command shortcuts.

This tool will be displayed near tray icon.

Its simple and fast.

You can configure command to open in terminal.


(this photo is from polish version of Ubuntu. Labels on buttons will be in your language)

Check this post to obtain newest csm link

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WxPython for Beginners

September 29, 2010 Leave a comment

I found a page with video tutorials for WxPython.
If you are beginner in WxPython you should start here.

There are python video tutorials too. Follow this link

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Back Propagation Neural Network in Python

September 23, 2010 3 comments
import math
import random

#sigmoid function
def sigmoid(x):
    return math.tanh(x)

def dsigmoid(y):
    return 1.0 - y**2

def makeMatrix(Y, X, fill=0.0):
    m = []
    for i in range(Y):
    return m

class Nauron:
    def __init__(self):

class NN:
    def __init__(self,numinput,numhidden,numoutput):
        self.numinput=numinput+1 #+1 for bias input node
        #randomize weights
        for i in range(self.numinput):
            for j in range(self.numhidden):
                self.inputweights[i][j] = random.uniform(-0.2, 0.2)
        for j in range(self.numhidden):
            for k in range(self.numoutput):
                self.outpweights[j][k] = random.uniform(-2.0, 2.0)
        self.inputchange = makeMatrix(self.numinput, self.numhidden)
        self.outputchange = makeMatrix(self.numhidden, self.numoutput)
        #TODO:Random fill matrix of weights
    def update(self,inputs):
        """Update network"""
        if len(inputs) != self.numinput-1:
            raise ValueError('Wrong number of inputs, should have %i inputs.' % self.numinput)
        #Activate input layers neurons (-1 ignore bias node)
        for i in range(self.numinput-1):
            self.inputact[i] = inputs[i]
        #Activate hidden layers neurons
        for h in range(self.numhidden):
            sum = 0.0
            for i in range(self.numinput):
                sum = sum + self.inputact[i] * self.inputweights[i][h]
            self.hiddenact[h] = sigmoid(sum)
        #Activate output layers neurons
        for o in range(self.numoutput):
            sum = 0.0
            for h in range(self.numhidden):
                sum = sum + self.hiddenact[h] * self.outpweights[h][o]
            self.outputact[o] = sigmoid(sum)
        return self.outputact[:]
    def backPropagate(self, targets, learningrate, momentum):
        """Back Propagate """
        if len(targets) != self.numoutput:
            raise ValueError('Wrong number of target values.')

        # calculate error for output neurons
        output_deltas = [0.0] * self.numoutput
        for k in range(self.numoutput):
            error = targets[k]-self.outputact[k]
            output_deltas[k] = dsigmoid(self.outputact[k]) * error

        # calculate error for hidden neurons
        hidden_deltas = [0.0] * self.numhidden
        for j in range(self.numhidden):
            error = 0.0
            for k in range(self.numoutput):
                error = error + output_deltas[k]*self.outpweights[j][k]
            hidden_deltas[j] = dsigmoid(self.hiddenact[j]) * error

        # update output weights
        for j in range(self.numhidden):
            for k in range(self.numoutput):
                change = output_deltas[k]*self.hiddenact[j]
                self.outpweights[j][k] += learningrate*change + momentum*self.outputchange[j][k]
                self.outputchange[j][k] = change

        # update input weights
        for i in range(self.numinput):
            for j in range(self.numhidden):
                change = hidden_deltas[j]*self.inputact[i]
                self.inputweights[i][j] += learningrate*change + momentum*self.inputchange[i][j]
                self.inputchange[i][j] = change

        # calculate error
        error = 0.0
        for k in range(len(targets)):
            error = error + 0.5*(targets[k]-self.outputact[k])**2
        return error
    def train(self, patterns, iterations=1000, learningrate=0.5, momentum=0.1):
        """Train network a patterns"""
        for i in range(iterations):
            error = 0.0
            for p in patterns:
                inputs = p[0]
                targets = p[1]
                error = error + self.backPropagate(targets, learningrate, momentum)
            if i % 100 == 0:
                print('error %-.5f' % error)

def test():
    # Teach network XOR function
    patterns = [
        [[0,0], [0]],
        [[1,0], [1]],
        [[0,1], [1]],
        [[1,1], [0]],

    # create a network with two input, two hidden, and one output nodes
    network = NN(2, 2, 1)
    # train it with some patterns
    # test it
    for pat in patterns:
        print(pat[0], '=', int(network.update(pat[0])[0]+0.5))

if __name__ == '__main__':
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Calendar generator script

September 14, 2010 Leave a comment

Simple calendar generator with custom Background.

You must have pygame installed.


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ETC Editor update

September 13, 2010 Leave a comment

I today updated ETC Editor.


  • fixed bug with saveing file
  • added user configuration file –
  • added menus to reload configuration on the fly.

New version you can download here. Old version will be removed to avoid wrong file save.

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