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Creating DEB installer files from python source

How create a deb file from python source? its easy lets make it with 6 simple steps.

We need to add to main python script following lines:

import os

if os.path.isdir('modules'): MODULES_PATH = os.path.join(os.curdir, 'modules')
else: MODULES_PATH = '/usr/share/<projectname>/modules/'

Each step need to run command in console then lets open console and….

1) mkdir myproject
2) mkdir myproject/DEBIAN
3) touch myproject/DEBIAN/control
4) gedit myproject/DEBIAN/control
and paste to this file

Package: packagename
Version: 1.4.24-4
Section: tools
Priority: optional
Architecture: i386
Installed-Size: 76
Maintainer: your name <email@domain.com>
Description: <desctiptions>

5. Create folders structure for your application inside your project directory in example:

myprojct/usr/bin/    (put here your script or binary files)
myprojct/usr/share/<projectname>/modules/    (put here your modules)
myprojct/usr/share/doc/<projectname>/    (put here your documentation)

and others folder if needed. Replace <projectname> with your project name.

6. Build deb file:

dpkg -b myproject

Deb file is ready to install.

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